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2006-11-04: KVIrc 3.2.5 new dev released

Changes since last 3.2.5-dev:

   - Added unreal NAMESX and UHNAMES support
   - Fixed $hexToAscii function
   - Make DCC File Open/Save dialogs have native look on windows
   - Fixes in filesystem handling. Fixed bug when KVIrc unable to load translation from non-latin folders
   - Fixed actions' accelerators
   - CTCP Page dialog now stays on top of desktop
   - Fixed in tray minimizing/restoring on win32
   - WIN32 compiling need QTTAG env var with "mtnc321" value for non-commercial QT 3.2.1 or "mt336" for QT 3.3.6
   - New win32 tray icon
   - Added snd.mute, snd.unmute, $snd.isMuted to KVS
   - Moved theme selection out from theme options to avoid partyally applying of themes
   - Added some lost functions to "painter" class
   - Fixed ignore system
   - Fixed input themeing (black on black bug)
   - "play" command is now alias for
   - IMPORTANT: fixed proper soket closing on win32
   - Fixed crash after first run wizard on *nix
   - Make possible installation on USB removable drives (WIN32). KVIrc can store settings in program folder
   - Make pathes in configs system-independent

Download for win32