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2006-06-14: NGL File Server for KVIrc ready to kick up!

Noldor, Grifisx and Losko did a marvellous job for this addon!

On IRC a file server make possible to share users files on channels. This File Server is named "NGL File Server", where N.G.L. are the initials of the authors.

The script is always under development. Here's a little list of current NGL File Server capabilities:

* Share any folders/file you want
* Select channels you want to share on
* Give a list of your shared directories
* Find any file in your shared directories
* Control any file transfer, abort or pospone it
* Create queues and control them
* Customize access to the file server
* Prioritize some kind of users

You can do all this throught a simple graphical user interface (here's a screenshot)
Please note that due to the enourmous quantity of work that the project requires, site could be out of date.