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2001-12-24: Christmas release!

Christmas release!

Hey! you've missed us ? ...
Here comes our Christmas gift for you :)

This is a special "christmas" release of the KVIrc IRC client.
It is a snapshot of the current 3.0.0 branch developement that will be the next
stable release of KVIrc in the near future.
You can think it as something as pre-beta release :)

The program is being released as a source package and a binary package at least for win32.
Some of the 2.* branch features are still missing, the win32 version is not completly in sync
with the linux one and we can't guarantee that everyting will work on your machine...
anyway , the proggie seems to be stable enough to allow you having fun on IRC :)

The greatest "change log entry" in this release is certainly the win32 port: yes, you can now run KVIrc on windows using IPV6.
There is a whole bunch of new features to play with (multiserver support, complete
and hopefully safe IPV6 support for all the platforms, cryptography...) and some of them can be discovered
only by hacking with the commandline and digging in the (still incomplete but already huge) documentation.