Mirroring the KVIrc Project

This page contains step by step instructions to create a FTP mirror

Contributing to the KVIrc project by mirroring its files is really easy.

Non European FTP mirrors are especially needed!

Setting up a mirror of ftp-master.admin.kvirc.de


  • A FTP server
  • wget
  • A cron daemon (or equivalent) in order to keep the mirror in sync

Setup procedure:

Setting up an FTP mirror is really easy: it is done by using the mirroring feature of the program wget
The commandline to retrieve the whole KVIrc FTP archive is the following:

cd /your_ftp_server_root/pub/kvirc/ && wget --mirror -nH --cut-dirs=2 ftp://ftp.kvirc.net/pub/kvirc

So all you need to do is to set up your FTP server to accept anonymous connections and instruct cron to sync the mirror every N hours.

Now you need to setup the automatic updates.
This is usually accomplished by a cron daemon and involves adding a couple of lines to the crontab.
An example of such a crontab file might be:

30 6 * * * $HOME/bin/cronjob >> $HOME/cronjoblog 2>&1

This crontab file tells the cron daemon to run the command "$HOME/bin/cronjob >> $HOME/cronjoblog 2>&1" at 6.30 am of every day

In this case $HOME/bin/cronjob would look as follows:

cd /yourdomain/pub/kvirc/ && wget --mirror -nH --cut-dirs=2 ftp://ftp.kvirc.net/pub/kvirc/

At the moment of writing the complete FTP archive is around 1.5 GB. If you don't have the space for a complete mirror you can achieve partial mirroring by retrieving only a subset of the ftp.kvirc.net directories.

Once you have successfully set up your mirror please drop a mail to pragma at kvirc dot net or to the mailing list so we can link you from the main site.