Creates a kvt package containing a set of themes
theme.pack <package_path> <package_name> <package_version> <package_description> <package_author> <package_image> <themes>
Creates a *.kvt package containing a set of KVIrc themes.
<package_path> is the absolute path and file name of the package that should be saved.
<package_name> is the visible name of the package (something like "My Theme Set").
<package_version> is the version of the package in the form X.Y.Z.
<package_description> is a textual description of the package. <package_author> is the name of the person that is creating the package (NOT necessarily the themes contained within). <package_image> is the path of an image to be used as package representative image. If the package is going to contain a single theme you may specify the theme's screenshot here. Pass an empty string if you don't want an image to be stored in the package. <theme> is a either a single path to a directory containing a theme as it's exported by KVIrc, or an array of such paths.

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